Hearts & Minds

In the fall, winter, and summer, St. Peter adults gather in small groups to explore various topics together. Sessions last 8 weeks (so there’s no long-term commitment) and there are typically three different topics from which to choose. A few weeks before new groups begin, the season’s topics are introduced and all are welcome to sign up for any of interest.

The goal of these groups is to feed our hearts and minds, ourselves and each other as we consider God’s Word and world. Past topics have included World Religions, deepening your prayer life, suffering, 1 & 2 Corinthians.


Each year, separate Men’s and Women’s retreats are held. These retreats are wonderful opportunities to get away from our daily routines so that we can spend time focused on strengthening our faith and deepening our relationships with each other.

Special Heart & Minds Events

Periodically, special Hearts & Minds events are held. These programs are designed to address topics which may be of interest to many people. They are held separately from regular Hearts & Minds groups so not just our whole St. Peter community, but anyone interested, can participate. 

As an example, throughout winter/spring 2020 we held a special Hearts & Minds event: “Empowered Planning.” These three programs aimed to help attendees think through palliative care, hospice, advanced directives, burial decisions, funeral planning, and other end of life decisions. Outside speakers joined St. Peter staff in lovingly and gently discussing these topics.

Men’s Fellowship

Every second Saturday of the month, St. Peter’s guys gather in the Fellowship Hall at a ridiculously early hour (7:30 am) to joke around, tell stories (all of which contain at least a little bit of truth), eat breakfast, encourage one another, and consider how they can support our church and community.

Women’s Fellowship

On the first Thursday of most months, St. Peter’s ladies gather for a business meeting, program, and social time. Programs range from an annual visit by one of the Ela Public Library’s staff with recommendations to keep the women in books for months to a special Thanksgiving worship service. The women also hold fundraisers throughout the year to support their many varied missional causes.

Other Fun Events for Adults

St. Peter loves to have fun together. Throughout the year, we hold various fun events. See the newsletter to find out what’s going on this month!