Why St. Peter?

St. Peter is a bit unusual in today’s church world.  A Christian church with over 100 years invested in this community, it cannot be described as either traditional or new wave.  Because we welcome all God’s people however they come to us, our members reflect a great diversity of backgrounds and understandings of the Christian message.  Liberal to conservative, and everyone in between, all are welcome here.

As a member congregation of the United Church of Christ, St. Peter is rooted in the covenantal tradition---which means there is no centrally-imposed authority, hierarchy, doctrine, or form of worship. Christ alone is head of the church, and God is still speaking. So, we seek a balance between freedom of conscience and accountability to the apostolic faith. For example, we receive the historic creeds and confessions of our ancestors as testimonies, but not tests of our faith.


St. Peter is a family

More than anything else, St. Peter is a family. It’s not unlike the family-like community that existed here when we opened our doors in 1900.  We celebrate each others’ joys and mourn the sorrows.  We believe in knowing each other’s names and being able to call on one another in times of need.  Children are nurtured and elders supported by the whole congregation.  No one says, "You must." But you are welcome to say, "I will."


What our members say

Debbie Wheelock

We have four generations currently attending St. Peter. There is something different for each of us and we all feel welcome.
- Debbie Wheelock



Troy SmithAt St Peter, the connection between the act and the result are transparent, whether it is for the church family, or the greater community.  The ability to show our children the direct result of our and their volunteer-ism, and involvement are priceless.  Building a solid moral and just foundation is a result we hope travels forward with them for a lifetime.
- Troy Smith



Courtney MuellerEvery Sunday I look forward to going to UNITY to have a good time. Since I started high school, UNITY has influenced my life and been a huge part of it. My favorite week of the year is going on the mission trips and I can't wait for the next one. UNITY is amazing!
- Courtney Mueller



Nancy ThompsonMy church is like a solid oak tree. Under it's branches I feel comforted, nurtured, enlightened, supported and loved. It's a place of great joy and my shelter from the storm. I thank God it's there for me.
- Nancy Thompson



Barbara NewberneI was born and raised in St.Peter. My mom and dad were married at St Peter. I was married twice and my boys were baptized there. St Peter is my family. It gives me my strength when I am at my lowest. It surrounds me with love and rejoices with me. There are new faces that sit next to me. They don't know my history but I know they care and love me for me.
- Barbara Newberne


Stephanie Certain MatzI've only been a member of St. Peter a little over a year, yet I already have many new friends. The diversity of viewpoints helps me feel comfortable with my own journey and challenges me to be open to the views of others, because God is Still Speaking.
- Stephanie Certain Matz



Ken BubsyI first attended St Peter church because of its location.  I continued to attend because of the instant connections made. Getting involved in activities solidified the family-like relationship.
- Ken Bubsy




Linda DavisSt. Peter feels like home to me because there are many people there that feel like family to me - we encourage and help each other, share our faith stories with one another, and can worship God in ways that are meaningful to each of us.
- Linda Davis



Anna JahnckeBeing a member of UNITY for a couple years now has only brought good things into my life. In UNITY, we not only develop our own faith and strengthen our own ties with God, but we grow close with every member in UNITY. No one is outcast, disregarded, and stereotypes are left at the door. I'm so thankful to be a part of such a welcoming group.
- Anna Jahncke




Sue LambBoth Jim and I are a part of St. Peter because we both enjoy singing and are delighted with the excellent choir at the church. In addition, I love to play the hand bells which I did in my former church. We have a great hand bell choir. We enjoy the members and many of them are our close friends.
- Sue Lamb



Pernetta DeemerSt. Peter is my church home. I'm fairly liberal and St. Peter accepts that. Yet some of my friends are fairly conservative and I'm happy that St. Peter accepts that, too. It's possible that we may learn from each other. Secondly, we have great music. Sometimes we sing the golden oldies and other times newer or more unusual songs are tried. We have a gifted organist who plays very beautiful music. Thirdly, the Lord sends capable and caring pastors to us. I believe we are moving in the direction of good growth because of good leadership. Fourthly, I love the traditional services, customs and rituals. For all these things I'm thankful to call St. Peter UCC my home church.
- Pernetta Deemer

Barb WichmannSt. Peter's is like family to me. It has taught me that the more you participate and volunteer, the more you get in terms of fellowship, a sense of belonging, and fulfilling personal needs to help and contribute. I get my spiritual, social, and service needs met. I have been an active member for over 20 years and have had the opportunity to try out several different ministries. It keeps me coming back.
-Barb Wichmann



Bill MatzI enjoy attending St. Peter's because for me to love God with my whole heart is to make my own the words of Dag Hammarskjold: ‘For all that has been, Thanks. To all that should be, Yes.
- Bill Matz


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