Who We Are
Who We Are July2016

Our people

A mid-size congregation, we are home to a true melting pot of people from Lake Zurich and the surrounding communities. We are children, teens, young adults, middle aged, and “getting on.” Male, female, married, partnered, single, divorced. We work in factories, corporate offices, family businesses, homes, and in the community. We’re willing to lend a helping hand, give a hug when needed, and crack a joke much of the time. And we’re all struggling to live our faith as we have heard God speaking it. In other words, we’re much like you. Whoever you are, wherever you are on life’s journey, you are welcome among us.



Our founding

Years ago, ten families in the Lake Zurich area took it upon themselves to be the guiding force in establishing an Evangelical Church. They met on the afternoon of Sunday, April 29, 1900 and organized the first church in the newly incorporated Village of Lake Zurich—St. Peter (now) United Church of Christ.


Our church mission

St. Peter fully affirms the Statement of Mission of the United Church of Christ. Our mission is to serve Lake Zurich and surrounding communities by welcoming and stimulating all people whoever they are, wherever they are on their journey of faith.


Our core values

Passion for the Gospel. Respect for all people. Kindness and honesty. Spiritual Growth. Worship as a privilege. Community.


Our vision of the future

St. Peter will become a beacon of faith for our community, constantly growing through vibrant Worship, active Missions, excellent Christian Education, quality Facilities, and continuous Outreach.


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