Why St. Peter?

St. Peter is a bit unusual in today’s church world.  A Christian church with over 100 years invested in this community, it cannot be described as either traditional or contemporary. Because we welcome all God’s people however they come to us, our members reflect a great diversity of backgrounds and understandings of the Christian message.  Liberal to conservative and everyone in between, all are welcome here.


St. Peter is a family

More than anything else, St. Peter is a family. It’s not unlike the family-like community that existed here when we opened our doors in 1900. We celebrate each others’ joys and mourn the sorrows. We believe in knowing each other’s names and being able to call on one another in times of need.  Children are nurtured and elders supported by the whole congregation. No one says, "You must." But you are welcome to say, "I will."

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