Membership at St. Peter

God welcomes you with open arms; so do we. You do not have to be a member of the church to receive communion with the rest of God’s family. Nor do you need to join in order to worship with us, have fun with us, learn with us, and pray with us. You are even welcome to attend congregational meetings, though only members may vote.

At some point though, we hope you will consider becoming a member. Please indicate your interest in doing so to Pastor Ruth. She will gather those interested in becoming members for a brief class, which will include getting to know you more, history of St. Peter, introduction to the UCC, and ways to get involved! Then you will be welcomed by the whole congregation during a worship service.

Some visitors stay visitors for a while; others choose to become members fairly quickly.  It’s your journey.  Only you can know if St. Peter is right for you and when you might be ready to make a commitment to our church and congregation.


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Welcome Visitors

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