Kids & Youth

Sunday School

Many Sundays after the children's sermon, kids are invited to Sunday School. Classes include lessons on Bible stories & Christian values, crafts, experiments, and lots of fun!


Youth Group

6th-12th grades are invited to participate in Alive, our youth group. Additionally 10th-12th graders are encouraged to apply for Leadership Lab, our program for students who wish to develop their leadership skills.


Kids in Worship

Children of all ages are always welcome in our worship services.

  • The Soft Space is available in our Narthex for babies & tots who need to wiggle and giggle!
  • Many Sundays of the year, kids grades K-5 are invited to attend Sunday School following the children's sermon.
  • Other Sundays, kids grades K-3 are invited into the Prayground (our quiet worship space for kids) following the children's sermon.


Stepping Stones

We want to help our kids continually grow their faith. To foster this, we offer a series of programs, most involving a short class.

  • Kindergarten: What is church?
  • 2nd Grade: What is the Bible?
  • 4th Grade: What is Communion?
  • 6th Grade: What do I believe? (Confirmation Class Year 1)
  • 8th Grade: What do I believe? (Final year of Confirmation)
  • 10th Grade: What is church membership?
  • 12th Grade: What happens to my faith when I graduate?


Here at St. Peter, we believe children are an integral part of our community. Therefore, we:

  • welcome and cherish our kids like Jesus did (Mark 10:4);
  • seek to help kids grow their faith (Deuteronomy 11:19);
  • don't think less of someone because they are young (1 Timothy 4:12);
  • see our kids as leaders (Isaiah 11:6).


We are committed to keeping our kids safe. For details, see our Youth Safety Policy.

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