Adult Enrichment

Faith Connections

If you’re looking for a way to make real connections with others while exploring God’s presence in your daily life, then Faith Connections is for you. Groups of 8-10 people come together twice each month for two hours to share and listen around a specific topic. Trained facilitators lead the discussion to ensure the group is a safe and open place. Members seek to understand how God is still speaking through scriptural (including short Bible passages) and non-scriptural sources, as well as in their own lives.


Bible Study

Each Sunday morning at 9 a.m. (with a break during the summer months), studies are offered to provide adults with an opportunity to study the Word.


Soup and Spirit (Lent)

Soup and Spirit is a time of both education and fellowship. One evening each week during Lent, participants gather for a light meal of soup and bread, followed by a time of learning and sharing. The education component varies from year to year – sometimes a book is read and discussed, other times a movie is viewed and discussed.


Annual Retreats

Each year, separate Men’s and Women’s retreats are held (typically, during the fall). These retreats are wonderful opportunities to get away from our daily routines so that we can spend time focused on strengthening our faith and deepening our relationships with fellow believers. Two separate retreats for youth (one in the fall, the other in the spring) are also offered each year.


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